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Membership Information

Thinking of becoming a CMC member?

Anyone can become a member of the Chicago Mountaineering Club. Meeting the requirements is very easy.

Requirements – To become a member you must first participate in three outings, or the Western outing. In addition you will need two current members to sponsor your membership. Don't worry about finding sponsorship; after the outings the only problem should be narrowing it down to just two. On any given outing weekend there are a wide range of climbers from 18 to 81, climbing 5.2 to 5.13, all having a great time together.

I have been to three outings and have spoken with two current members who have said they will sponsor me. What do I do now? – Print out the new membership form or ask a Board member while at Devil’s Lake for a copy. You will need to write down the dates of the outings you attended and the name of one Rope Leader from each outing. Once complete, send the application to the Vice President at the address found on the form. You will also need to pay the membership fees (as indicated on the form) at the time of submission.

I have submitted the forms and fees. Am I a member now? – Not yet, the applications need to be approved by the Board and read to the members at the next General Meeting (monthly from September to May). Just speak to a member and they can explain the process. It is easier than it sounds.